Rosehill House

Step back into old-fashioned country ways

Every feature tells a story

Rosehill House near Stewartstown is a portal to the past, somewhere in the early 1900’s. The entire dwelling is tastefully bedecked with original country furniture, old architectural features, authentic utensils and the everyday bric-a-brac from years gone by. Its crowning glory is, of course, the wonderful thatched roof.

Together, the house and its contents track the story of Irish country life from the 1840s through to more recent times. Even its walls, two feet thick, speak of a time when dwellings seemed to grow out of the very ground. A quick inhalation and you’ll detect the nostalgic aroma of the old oil lamps that are still called into service on special occasions. 

Do, see, taste & try

A unique combination of its wonderful location, pristine period details and a warm, welcoming host make Rosehill House an exemplary place to immerse yourself in old Irish country ways and traditions. For some visitors, these experiences will provide a superb opportunity to relive distant memories from the past, while for others, they will open completely new insights to our rural heritage and a way of life now gone.

Fresh soda farls – the bread-making experience at Rosehill House is always popular with visitors from near and far. Freshly kneaded before your very eyes, the soda farls are baked over the open peat fire, then sliced open, hot from the griddle, and generously slathered in thick slabs of home-made farm butter. Take a bite and be transported to another dimension!

Traditional music: Rosehill House comes with its very own, fully licenced pub, so why not hold you’re your own ceilidh, with an evening of Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing and storytelling.

Re-enactments: the traditional Irish wake is a prominent feature of Irish culture, when the family, neighbours and friends of the deceased gather at the house to remember the departed and celebrate their life.  Re-enactments of the traditional Irish wake take place at Rosehill House from time to time and, as is the custom, there’s music and storytelling and maybe a jar or two of stout!

Wine & dine: the patrons of Rosehill House take great pride in all of the food that is served, a Fine Dining Evening at Rosehill House is a particular epicurean delight. All you and the rest of your party have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Perfect for a short visit…or a longer stay

Rosehill House is an idyllic, luxurious hideaway where you and yours can relax and unwind, either for an overnight bed & breakfast stay, or for a longer staycation when you can enjoy its full guest house amenities. With four spacious bedrooms and six bathrooms, Rosehill House can easily accommodate up to 12 adults. The other rooms are large and spacious too, with an elegant living room with large open peat fire and of course your own in-house bar, with stout on tap.

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