Long Meadow Cider

Enjoy a long cool draught of Long Meadow Cider

The McKeever family of County Armagh are third-generation apple producers, growing and harvesting a variety of apples, including the PGI Bramley Apple, from their orchard in The Long Meadow, a part of their farm that lies right beside the waters of the Upper Bann River.

Here, the special combination of crystal-clear water, soil-enriching floodwater silts and the unique, balmy micro-climate come together to nurture some of the finest apple crops in the world. The McKeevers take this magical home-grown, hand-picked fruit and lovingly transform it into a rich, aromatic and delicious range of Long Meadow Ciders, apple juice and cider vinegars. More importantly, perhaps, they willingly share this labour of love with you, the welcome visitor.

Long Meadow Cider is a third generation family owned apple orchard and cidery based in rural County Armagh also known as the orchard of Ireland. Be guided through our 30 acre orchard and see how the famous PGI status Bramley Apple is grown, processed, harvested and hand pressed to be transformed into brands of apple juice and artisan ciders. We make up to six varieties of cider and two varieties of apple juice on site. Tours are seasonal by nature allowing visitors to be immersed in the heritage of this important Armagh product.

Farm Tour & Tasting Experience

What’s included:

  • Welcome and introduction by the McKeever family
  • Orchard Walk
  • Visit to cold storage facilities
  • Opportunity to see pressing & blending facilities
  • Visit to Apple Cider Vinegar facility
  • Opportunity to sample craft cider range, apple juice & apple cider vinegar
  • Refreshments available to include apple pie, tea & coffee

As you might expect from a family-run business, a visit to Long Meadow Farm is an especially warm and welcoming experience, as family matriarch Catherine explains.

“All our tours are uniquely personal and fun, because they’re led by family members who are deeply passionate about our orchards, our apples and the ciders we produce from them. Tours are seasonal of course, because the apples are at different stages throughout the year, but there’s always something engaging and rewarding to see, do and of course, taste!”

“We have various tours in place, and the orchard walk is always very popular. This takes visitors down into the different plantations that we grow, ranging from mature trees of 50 years of age, as well as our dwarf trees and apples growing on a fruit wall system, similar to a vine. There are always a lot of questions from visitors, plus a good bit of craic!”

“Visitors at harvest time get the chance to put on an apple-picking bag and experience what hand picking is like. And of course if they can munch away at the different varieties too. They also visit our cold storage facilities. Harvest time is also when we press and blend the apple juice and visitors love seeing this. We’ve also added a cider vinegar facility and they can visit this too and sample the vinegar.”

Harvest season begins in August/September and once the apples are picked they are pressed and left to ferment and mature over the winter months. From this amber elixir, the McKeevers create five varieties of Long Meadow Cider, including a sharp, refreshing Medium Cider; smooth, sweet Blossom Burst and a limited edition Dry Oak Aged Cider, a true tongue tingler! Other products on the range include a seasonal Mulled Cider, two Apple juices (still and sparkling) and an apple cider.

A room with a view

The most recent addition to the Long Meadow Farm visitor experience is a bespoke, glass-fronted tasting room.
“A fine artisan craft cider should be respected and savoured just as much as any fine wine,” says Catherine. “So we have created our tasting room in the heart of the orchard, where visitors can enjoy the aromas of the fruit trees as they sample our various ciders. It’s a treat for all the senses!”

A tasty experience

A visit to Long Meadow Farm is an unforgettable experience. So treat your family and /or friends to a fully guided orchard tour in the heart of the Orchard County! As well as exploring the McKeevers’ bountiful orchards, you can investigate their cider-making and cider vinegar facilities and sample some Long Meadow award-winning ciders, all in the good company of the friendly and welcoming farm patrons, the McKeever family.

Why not add a little extra to your tour with some refreshments such as tea/ coffee and freshly-baked apple pie or home-made scones. Perhaps you fancy the full VIP picnic lunch, with freshly prepared artisan bread rolls stuffed full of the tastiest produce from County Armagh.  Use the booking enquiry button above for full details.

Different season, a different experience

Jan/Feb – Winter pruning
March – Early bud burst
April – Buds are developing into early pink flower
May – Apple Blossom
June – Apple set, formation of young apples
July/Aug – Summer pruning, apple development and growth
Sept/Oct – Apple harvest
Nov/Dec – Winter pruning & orchard maintenance